Lebnan Restaurant | About
Restaurant Libanais du Chef Milad Darwish à Overijse, près de Bruxelles. Milad Darwish's lebanese restaurant at Overijse, near Brussels. Het Libanese restaurant van Milad Darwish in Overijse, in de buurt van Brussel.
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Based on fresh and quality products, lebanese-syrian cuisine constantly arouses the interest of the greatest gourmets. If it is so popular, it is thanks to its authenticity and the use of tasty products and naturally good for health: sesame, lentils, chickpeas, buckwheat, dried fruits, eggplants, pomegranates … It thus perfectly combines the taste and balance. Composed of mezzés, grilled meats but also traditional stews, it is a generous, colorful and convivial cuisine that is shared around a large family table.


At Lebnan, our cuisine is above all a legacy and recipes that are passed down through the generations. We have the taste of good things and each food, each spice is carefully selected and dosed to help you discover the best of Lebanese flavors.


Milad Darwich, Manager of Lebnan restaurant

Lebanese-syrian cuisine is like a memory trigger for Milad, it makes him relive the happiness of his childhood in Lebanon with the good breads of his grandmother and the recipes of his grandfather. If he now offers his delicacies in his restaurant, it is above all a way to prolong these happy moments for himself and for those who taste it. Milad likes to compare his cuisine to cedar, emblem of Lebanon: sacred and deeply rooted in his family traditions.